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Hannik’s reluctance to leave her friends and relocate to the capital takes a sudden u-turn when she meets Vander. He’s handsome, wealthy and charming and introduces her to  a whirlwind of Merkaan’s nightlife. But things take a sinister turn when he asks her to take a package for him when she makes a return visit to her home town of Kar.

Phoenix Prequel

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This gripping prequel novella describes the intriguing backstory of Bel, Kit and Greg as they face the challenges of their early training with the outlawed forest rangers––three years before events in the Phoenix Enigma series.      Danger, conflict and complicated relationships give deep insights into these much-loved characters and the events that shaped them.
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Infinity Paradigm # 1; on Amazon
Aisha travels from  the deep desert to study at Kar university and join the elite Order of Webdancers for a life of adventure and danger, roaming the wilderness and using the powerful planetary resonance for navigation, combat and summoning.

When the Empire invades her planet she persuades Captain Reith, one of the mercenaries, to help protect her home. But the heart of the enemy is a dangerous place…


Infinity Paradigm #2; on Amazon

Aisha and Reith make the dangerous journey back to the capital with information for the Resistance.

All they have to do is cross an unstable swamp inhabited by giant eels and carnivorous plants, get past the enemy slave camp on the coast, make it across the ocean to Pangaea, and then cross the desert…


When your lover helps you escape by betraying you to the enemy….

Aisha discovers a hidden Resistance outpost in the icy northern wastes of Bergen, while desperately trying to understand why Reith seems to have abandoned her.

And trying to remind herself that this is so not the time to fall for the charismatic rebel leader in command of the secret base.


Infinity Paradigm #4; on Amazon

The desert holds new dangers and the oasis cities are unprepared.

Aisha and Reith struggle to find each other again in Pangaea’s increasingly precarious situation. Stolen military secrets, disrupted route-finding, and ambitious warlords are converging to make the conclusion inevitable.


Infinity Paradigm #5; on Amazon

When does victory demand too high a price?

The aftermath of a deadly battle in the desert sparks a power struggle at the heart of Irithen’s military leadership. It will take everything Aisha and Reith can do to avert a disaster that would lead to their ultimate defeat.


Infinity Paradigm Origins # 1; on Amazon

Hannik’s dream is to hone her extraordinary skills and be accepted into the elite Order of Webdancers, who patrol the wild regions of Primae IV, ensuring that the planet’s powerful resonance is undisturbed by human activity.

When she’s tricked into illegal gun-running and lands in the middle of a gang war, she’s determined to track down the sinister cabal plotting to overthrow the government.


Phoenix Enigma # 1; on Amazon

Resource wars have wrecked everything from refineries to satellites, cities have flooded, crops failed and the Avarit faction have control of the surviving outposts of civilization. For Jac, survival means medic training and foraging for herbs in the forest, as well as protecting their food-crops and solar generator from savage storms and enforcer patrols.


Phoenix Enigma #2; on Amazon

Who can you trust when your only hope lies in the hands of an old adversary?

Jac discovers her friends in the city are in danger from a plot by a government desperate to hang on to power.
When she escapes to the frozen Ice Islands, she learns joyful new skills of falconry––and discovers terrifying new depths to her abilities…


Phoenix Enigma #3; on Amazon

Would you kill a stranger to save an injured friend?

Jac’s medic principles are tested to the limit when a terrifying but controlled training exercise transforms into an all-out fight against invaders. She learns new skills of perception and the empty wilderness of the east marshes suddenly reveals a deadly truth…


Phoenix Enigma # 4; on Amazon

How to defeat a ruthless regime?

Stealing its access codes should have worked.
It didn’t.
Now Jac has a deadly military on her tail, another mega-storm is on its way and the love of her life is being threatened by her closest friend…


Phoenix Enigma # 5 on Amazon

How to find courage when facing overwhelming odds?

The struggle against Avarit has once more torn Jac and Raine apart. This time because he’s officially dead and she’s a spy at the heart of government. And their fledgling democracy has already been threatened with invasion from abroad…


Phoenix Enigma # 6 on Amazon

Complex systems are unpredictable…

The dramatic conclusion to this epic struggle for freedom, when everything is at stake and the cost of failure is unthinkable.
Jac and Raine hold the Resistance together against heavy odds, knowing that unexpected interruptions can cause disaster as well as victory…